Krupnik I. I. In search of changing tradition (Making of the first volume of the Handbook of North American Indians series)

Igor I. KRUPNIK — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (USA, Washington)


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ABSTRACT. The paper presents almost 50‑year story of the monumental series, Handbook of North American Indians produced by the Smithsonian Institution. The 20‑volume series was started in 1966 and was originally planned to be published by 1976. Due to repeated delays, its opening volume 1, “Introduction” was eventually put on hold after its initial preparation in 1972–1975. In 2013–2014, a group of Smithsonian anthropologists has re-started the production of the unfinished introductory volume using a new volume outline and recruiting a new editorial board and new team of authors. The work on the new Introduction, after a gap of 40 years, offered a remarkable opportunity to address the changes in how anthropologists study Native American cultures and societies and present them to the general public and the audiences, including Native Americans themselves. Hardly any topic envisioned in the original introduction of 1972 is repeated in the new volume. Instead, it introduces several new themes of the 21st century, including the rise of digital heritage domains, new forms of partnership with indigenous experts and organizations, growing role of ethical principles in working with indigenous communities and of the recognition of their perspectives on their cultures and history.


KEYWORDS: Native North Americans, anthropology, Handbook of North American Indians series, Smithsonian Institution, William Sturtevant


УДК 394
DOI 10.31250/2618-8600-2019-3(5)-193-212



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