Sirina A. A. Manchurian Expedition of Sergei and Elizaveta Shirokogoroffs (1915–1917)

Anna A. Sirina
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the RAS
Moscow, Russia


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ABSTRACT. In 1915–1917 an employee of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Imperial Academy of Sciences S. M. Shirokogoroff, together with his wife, E. N. Shirokogoroff, mounted a complex expedition to Manchuria (the Amur region of the Far East of Russia; Inner Mongolia AR and Heilongjiang province in the North-East of China). The expedition was organized by the Academy of Sciences and embraced the Oroqen people, the Solon people, the Daur people, the Maneger people, and the Manchu people. The article is based on previously unknown materials form Saint Petersburg branch of the Archive of RAS; it reconstructs the history of Shirokogorovs’ complex expedition and analyzes its goals, methods, routines, and routes. Members of the expedition studied the geography, ethnography, anthropology, linguistics, folklore and archaeology of North-Eastern Machuria’s population, mainly Oroqens, or Tungusic people (presently — Evenks). The article describes the 1915 routes to different Oroqen tribes, the 1916 archaeological research conducted in Amur region. Finally, the article offers an assessment of the results of the expedition, that served as a basis of classic works on geography, social organization, shamanism, the language of local peoples, and predetermined the creation of the theory of ethnos.


KEYWORDS: S. M. Shirokogoroff; E. N. Shirokogoroff; Manchurian expedition 1915–1917; Oroqens; Manchurians; ethnographic, anthropological, and archaeological research 


УДК 910(510)«1915/1917»
DOI 10.31250/2618-8600-2018-1-64-85



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