Zabiyako A. P. Fieldwork of the Amur Anthropological Expedition in 2015–2016

Andrey P. ZABIYAKO — Doctor of Philosophy, the Amur State University; Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of the RAS (Russia, Blagoveschensk; Novosibirsk) 



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ABSTRACT. The article is devoted to the fieldwork of the Amur anthropological expedition in 2015–2017. The expedition was established in 2015 to study ethnic groups and the ethnic situation in the Upper and Middle Amur regions, its research program including the study of ethnic contacts in the cross-border areas of Russia and China. The work of the Amur anthropological expedition was carried out on the left and right banks of the Amur. The main objects of study on the left (Russian) bank were the Evenks and Russians. An extensive program in the field of physical anthropology was implemented, including a comprehensive study of body morphology of the Evenks of the Amur region. The collection of samples for DNA extraction and further analysis was carried out. Among the most important outcomes of the expedition was the creation of a database on anthropological photography, as well as of generalized portraits which reconstruct the anthropological type of the Amur Evenks. On the right (Chinese) coast the main objects of study were the Russians of Trekhrechye and Daur people. Trekhrechye is a territory in Northeast China which is special from historical and ethnic perspectives. The Russians of Trekhrechye is a unique local ethnic group which has existed since the second half of the 19th century in the conditions of close ethnic interaction between Russians and the Chinese. In 2016–2017 two field studies were conducted to specify the regions of compact residence of the Daur people and to collect data on the Russians of Trekhrechye.

KEYWORDS: Amur anthropological expedition, Evenks, Russians, Daur, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, miscegenation, ethnic contacts, migration

УДК 572+39(571.61) 

DOI 10.31250/2618-8600-2018-2-197-204 



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