Chernykh A. V. Romani Nomadism: Russian Models (the 19th — first half of the 20th centuries)

Alexander V. CHERNYKH — Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Perm Federal Research Center of Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Perm) 



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ABSTRACT. The article focuses on Romani nomadism in Russia. It analyses terminology, main concepts of nomadism and categorizes “service nomadism”, “commerce nomadism” and other terms used in international and Russian researches. The article determines main concepts of Roma nomadism in Russia which are seasonality, connection between nomadism and domesticity, habitation and nomadism among Russian folks. It uncovers that distinguishing features of nomadism and mobility of Roma inhabitants in Russia depended on many factors among which are peculiarities of traditional activities of one or another group, special features of nomadic traditions, character and structure of interaction between Roma and non-ethnic population, norms of the law regulating and limiting migration inside the state, adaptation of the group to social-economic and ethno-cultural realias. Examples of sedentary groups of Roma are provided which busts a myth as of universal characteristic specific for all Roma societies. There are several models of roving among Roma which are local (living in one place; roving in summer period), regional which is specific for some Roma groups, especially Russian Roma and massive Russian model of nomadic way of life which is specific for Kalderar Roma. Such models of roving way of life in its classic display existed until the middle of 20th century. The research is based on field, archive and published sources. 

KEYWORDS: Roma of Russia, nomadism, nomadic traditions, models of mobility, ethnic groups of Roma

УДК 397.4 

DOI 10.31250/2618-8600-2018-2-111-130 



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